What is it: You can find more than sixty varieties of crab in the Gulf Coast’s waters, but the Blue Crab is Alabama’s top choice. If you can crack those tough shells, you’ll find a real seafood treasure. Crab meat is soft, sweet and juicy all the way down to the claws.

What is it: While these critters are technically still Blue Crabs,they’re a different seafood experience. Every so often, these Crabs will shed their shells in order to grow, but if they’re scooped out of the water before the shell can harden, they remain in this soft state. A smaller window for harvesting, not to mention […]

What is it: If you’re looking for Red Snapper, you’ve come to the right place—Alabama is known as the Red Snapper Capital of the World. You can tell you’ve hauled in one of these beauties by its rosy red color and a pair of red eyes to match. With a natural nutty flavor that goes […]

What is it: These sleek, pharmacy medium-sized fish come in two sorts: King Mackerel (or Kingfish) and Spanish Mackerel. The “kings” and “princes” of Alabama’s coast weigh in at an average of 10 and three pounds respectively making them a great target for family fishing trips. Mackerel hold a strong, robust flavor and are often […]

What is it: The Croaker is quite possibly the most underrated fish on the Gulf Coast. Known lovingly as “frogfish” for its signature croaking sound, the Croaker also has a reputation for stealing bait. But if you’re looking for a tasty meal that’s often compared to Trout, Croaker will give you plenty of bang for […]

What is it: Known as a worthy opponent to veteran anglers throughout the Gulf Coast, about it the Amberjack is worth the fight. While it’s pretty mild on the flavor scale, a good cut of Amberjack will be thick and meaty when it’s cooked up.

What is it: It’s not unusual to see a Mullet flying through the air. Not only are there entire festivals dedicated to tossing this fish, they often jump on their own accord, possibly to avoid deep-sea prey. They’re used as bait fish more often than not, but the old salts will tell you that fresh […]

What is it: If you’re not the type to judge a book by its cover, unhealthy then Sheepshead ought to win you over. Its black and silver stripes earned this fish the nickname “the convict, recipe ” but it’s the mouthful of flattened, human-esque teeth that gave the Sheepshead its true namesake. A typical keeper […]

What is it: Alabama happens to be historically the largest Oyster processor in the United States. The Eastern Oyster is the only one that we catch, sell and eat. Plenty of writers and poets have found inspiration over the years in trying to pin down the taste of the Oyster, but Southerners know you just […]

What is it: You’ll know you’ve hooked a Black Drum when you see one—it has a patch of whiskers on its chin, medications and it’ll put up a fight. Unlike most fish, the Black Drum varies in taste depending on the size of the fish. Those who know their seafood will tell you that these […]